Will the flu really be more violent, an expert from the Alpes-Maritimes responds

Fever, runny nose, intense fatigue, dry cough, the flu is back in force. Health authorities fear a more aggressive strain. But why would this 2021 flu be more virulent? We wanted to ask the question to an expert on the Riviera. Pierre-Marie Tardieux is in charge of permanent access to care at the CHU de Nice and influenza referent of the establishment. His opinion is clear, if the flu is stronger, it is because the barrier gestures disappear.

“We were masked last year, so we’re immune from the year before, so that immunity has gone down.”

The doctor is therefore cautious but is considering a possible more virulent strain. It is therefore necessary to keep the barrier gestures and to be vaccinated.

“We will vaccinate this year all populations with priority for fragile people”

Should we do both vaccines?

Pierre-Marie Tardieux thinks that being vaccinated against covid and against the flu at the same time is a good idea, because there are no duplicated side effects, and it can allow the most reluctant to be injected both vaccines simultaneously.

“we need 75% of the population vaccinated for collective immunity around the flu”

Pharmacy vaccination for all adults will begin after November 26. October 26 for the most fragile

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