Willem II pulls out a draw

It was then very close to the same Livramento being able to cheer again. The 22-year-old attacker deftly cut through the defense and then shot just wide. In the meantime, William II showed little. The field game looked tense and sloppy. As a result, the Tricolores hardly created any opportunities in the first half. Only Rob Nizet was close to scoring. After an incorrect pass from the opponent, the left back was able to rush towards MVV goalkeeper Romain Matthys, who made an excellent save. As the first half progressed, MVV fell further and further back. That offered Willem II the opportunity to regroup. It became more and more threatening, but could no longer do business in the remainder of the first company.

Second half full of tension
Nevertheless, Maes drew his conclusions during halftime. Thijs Oosting and Nick Doodeman were replaced by Jeremy Bokila and Khaled Razak. With the newcomers, Willem II immediately headed towards the Maastricht goal. And that led to some dangerous moments. Bokila and Jeredy Hilterman fired hard shots towards Matthys, who had a firm grip on the first attempt and saw the second fly over the goal. And on the other hand, MVV also showed itself. And that almost made it 2-0 through Livramento, who took advantage of a shot at the back but pushed the ball wide eye to eye with Smits. Willem II continued unperturbed to look for the equalizer. Hilterman also seemed to head it in, but Matthys managed to stylishly keep his effort out of the goal. Moments later, the Belgian goalie again kept his goal clean. This time after a shot by Jesse Bosch and the subsequent rebound by Razak.

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