It will not be a simple update, but a real change of course on the technical level. This is what explains
on the forum as an introduction to a large consultation phase : “It has been ten years since the software Winamax for Mac / PC had not undergone complete overhaul. It was time to fix it!“.

The gestation of this new baby is not yet over: “Some features are missing such as the friends list, Shiva, accounting with trackers … The home page will also include many other elements. And then some designs are not final and the overall readability needs to be further improved“.

Forum members are nevertheless invited to test this version and to share their first feelings. The most curious were not deprived of it, as of this weekend, with the result of sometimes enthusiastic and sometimes more skeptical returns. It is the game of these consultative phases and after a few hours of overview of this new version, you will undoubtedly belong to one of the two camps.

The main thing is elsewhere anyway, the technical teams of the room being above all in search of constructive remarks and opinions in order to refine their reflection. “I ask you to have your first impressions on the general rendering but also and above all on the playability who is completely innovative“, precise
. “This software has new features which are not necessarily easy to understand and I would like to see how you are doing without any special help.“.


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