With its denim collection, Mango is committed to saving water

Our jeans are the most polluting clothes and the most water-intensive. To continue producing consciously, Mango has developed an innovative range of denim.

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This is the most common piece in our wardrobes (probably tied with the white t-shirt). Male or female, everyone is addicted to jean. This indestructible fabric invaded our wardrobes a few decades ago and has not left us since. Yet the very popular jeans are one of the most polluting garments to be produced. The amounts of water needed are gargantuan and it’s time to find new ways to make it. Mango then decided to seize the subject and to design his new collection of denim in a revolutionary way.

Indeed, these techniques such as the use of laser or ozone have saved 30 million liters of water. A feat for a fast-fashion brand: “Thanks to innovation and the adaptation of sustainable technologies and processes, we create collections that help us reduce our footprint. Along with the rest of the teams and our clothing and fabric suppliers, we are constantly on the lookout for other ways to produce and more sustainable materials, ”says Beatriz Bayo, Sustainability Manager at Mango. In addition, jeans are designed to last over time thanks to special attention to detail and the quality of the fabrics. The cuts of pants, jumpsuits, shirts or jackets are inspired by the 90s, a current fashion trend that will convince a large majority of fashionistas.

Mango’s green projects don’t stop at just one collection. The Spanish Empire plans to use only 100% sustainable cotton and 50% recycled polyester by 2025. A real step forward.

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