With Marien Fernández enhance your beauty with her natural therapy compatible with aesthetic medicine – León

Today with Marien Fernández we know the role that natural therapy plays in aesthetic medicine.

We call it natural therapy because only natural aesthetics with advanced but non-invasive technology are used, just like the cosmetics they use, with components identical to those of our own skin to obtain better results, without changing our identity, or losing expression, being you. same.

Aesthetic medicine is perfectly compatible with natural aesthetics, since non-invasive and natural programs are used, they enhance the quality of the skin and help to make the final result even better. At the Marien Fernández Beauty and Natural Therapy Center they work hand in hand with a doctor, for example after mastectomy, to help with recovery, or collaborating with a vascular doctor.

Regarding cosmetic surgery, Marien helps patients who have just undergone surgery, such as blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, cheek implants… to eliminate bruising and recover tissue as soon as possible.

In the case of botox or vitamin infiltration, Marien naturally helps the effects to be more lasting and for the vitamins to reach the epidermis and its four layers.

Regarding the body, such as abdominoplasties or fat transplants from the abdomen to the buttock, Marien Fernández supports the intervention with manual lymphatic drainage and in a second phase with radiofrequency so that the tissue recovers as soon as possible.

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