With the 14th victory, Ravens set a new franchise record

There have been many reasons to believe that this was the best team in Ravens history, but now it’s official.

The 2019 Ravens are 14-2 and end the regular season with the best record the franchise has ever had.

To get there, the Ravens had to achieve 12 consecutive wins, also a franchise best. They won every game they played in December, just like November and October. In fact, they * haven’t * lost a game since the Orioles last lost – on September 29th.

The Ravens have not only consistently performed well to make their season historic. They also had to rely on their depth.

At the beginning of week 17, the Ravens’ playoff position was secured. You already got the first total seed and didn’t offer anything tangible to play with. The Steelers, on the other hand, had everything to play with and needed a win to maintain their hopes for the postseason.

But the Ravens have long been committed to a “Next Man Up” mentality that was not lost for the team’s second owners on Sunday.

“They definitely showed us something again today,” said coach John Harbaugh after the win. “But I also knew that they would do it. If you are with them every day and you know what they are made of, you know what they are about, what they stand for, who they are. We expected them to go out. ” there and play really hard. “

The attitudes of the players to competitions did not change when the sowing was completed.

“Throughout the week, coach Harbaugh taught us the importance of winning – the fact that this game doesn’t affect the overall ranking didn’t affect our preparation during the week,” said Orlando Brown Jr .. “Unknown faces came in and played for us. They may have been inactive for a while, but we had prepared to play and it was important to us as if it was our last game. “

The team was proud to achieve 14 victories. Nobody wants to take part in the first defeat in three months. The Ravens offensive in particular played on Sunday without many important contributors.

They still managed to score more than 20 points. They have passed the mark in every game this season.

“It is an exclamation point for an excellent season. I am very, very proud of these players and these coaches. We are on the verge of the next part of the season, of course the most important part,” said Harbaugh after the game. “It is worth taking a minute to look at it. This is one of the best teams – it is * the * best football team in the regular season this year. There is no doubt about that. It’s done. It’s one exclamation point. ” , “

“I couldn’t be more proud of these players. I couldn’t be more proud of these coaches. What a pleasure and pleasure that was,” he continued.

Ultimately, the only thing that matters to this organization is to win the Super Bowl in February, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look back on everything they have accomplished. Players, coaches and the front office can all be proud of the work they did in 2019.

However, the focus on the future is obvious to everyone in the building.

“Nothing matters next season,” continued Harbaugh. “We have to go to work this week and become a better football team and be prepared for whoever our opponent is in this division game, so we’ll do that next.”


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