With the insane rise of the yellow metal, find out the best time to buy gold

2023-04-30 20:22:24

With the fluctuation of gold prices, many citizens are looking to know the appropriate time to buy gold, and the best way to buy the yellow metal is to monitor gold prices to know the best time to buy.

It is the best way to buy gold in view of the current global trends, and to allocate a monthly or quarterly amount of income to buy bars and gold coins.

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The best time to buy gold

Gold experts explained that there are specific times of each year when buying gold is January, March and early April, or from mid-June to early July.

The best way to buy a large amount of gold

It is better to buy gold in small quantities regularly, by dividing up your gold purchases, than to make one big deal.

The reasons for the rise in gold in the markets

The rise in prices in the local market is due to several factors, including the rise in prices on the global stock exchange, the rise in demand, and the lack of supply in the markets, as a result of stopping import operations for raw gold, and the reluctance of citizens to sell their gold savings, in anticipation of new price hikes during the coming period.

gold prices

The price of gold today, Sunday

The price of gold settled today, recording about 2650 pounds for sale, and 2625 pounds for buying, which is the same price that gold recorded in the middle of trading.

The price of gold yesterday, Saturday

On Saturday, the gold price recorded about 2,600 pounds for sale, and 2,550 pounds for buying, in the middle of trading, while in the morning it recorded 2,675 pounds for sale, and 2,650 pounds for buying.

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