Without shame and in public a husband says: My wife does not allow me to have sex with her until after I have done this thing that arouses her and I do not like!!

Dr. Mabrouk Attia, Professor of Islamic Law at Al-Azhar University, appeared in a new live broadcast of him on his page on the social networking platform “YouTube”, during which he answered a question he received in which the questioner says: My wife does not accept my cohabitation until after I pay her fifty pounds, is this satisfied? Allah?.

The wife’s behavior and Attia demanded, the questioner should carry her request for money as a matter of foreplay, and the other matter that Attia explains the wife’s behavior is in the case when she was wise and sane and her husband was miserly, so she uses the time of his desire to take from him the expenses of the house, instead of making him sit in a « sitting men” and ask him for the expenses, or go to the court to ask him for it.

A professor of Islamic law at Al-Azhar University said: “If the questioner was flooded with goodness in his house and did not have a need, and he would provide it with money and ask him for it, there is no face for it,” stressing that the dowry is paid once, and we offer some of it, but the woman in Islam deserves it all once entering her, and the story ends pony

The Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa, the Dar Al-Iftaa, confirmed, earlier, regarding the wife’s refusal to have intercourse with her husband without an excuse, that the principle is that the wife does not refrain from her husband if he asks for her except in the case of severe illness or excuse such as menstruation and postpartum or Ihram, or in fasting during the day in Ramadan.

And if a man calls his wife to his bed, and she refuses, the angels curse her.” This is in the event that there is no excuse, and if she has an excuse, there is nothing wrong with her, God willing, because hardship brings ease and harm is removed, as the jurists said.

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