Wolfgang Tiefensee about CDU and AfD: "That would be a dam break"

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Wolfgang Tiefensee about CDU and AfD

In Thuringia is still missing a political roadmap. Nevertheless, the SPD politician Wolfgang Tiefensee believes that the CDU will keep its distance from the AfD.

Portrait of Wolfgang Tiefensee, SPD chairman in Thuringia

Wolfgang Tiefensee in September 2019, on the sidelines of a party event Photo: dpa / Sebastian Wilnow

taz: Mr. Tiefensee, in Thuringia it remains exciting: They advertise for red-red-green, Interior Minister Georg Maier, now sees the Left, CDU and FDP in duty. Are there the first cracks in the Triple Alliance?

Wolfgang Tiefensee: No. I do not understand the headline in the Ticker message. That the ball now lies with the CDU and FDP is a description of the situation. SPD and Greens are now not ready to bargain. Left-wing leader Susanne Hennig-Wellsow has sent invitations to the CDU and FDP in coordination with the prime minister. There is the ball. I'm curious if the CDU even accepted the invitation and what comes out of the conversation when it takes place. The talks are taking place with the FDP.

Now yes? The FDP has excluded any cooperation with the Left Party.

The FDP has not excluded talks. She has previously ruled out cooperation.

But it will be difficult to form a minority government after both the CDU and FDP have barred cooperating with the left?

We have embarked on a difficult and presumably long journey to ensure that a viable and stable government is elected for the next five years against the background of this election result. A government that meets the challenges of Thuringia, accepts and mastered. That's our goal. Right now, we are very much asking ourselves who is talking to whom and who can imagine cooperation. In the end, it is in the interests of the five parties, outside the AfD, that we advance the country. This requires a solution.

Mike Mohring has also announced that he wants to speak with the SPD and the Greens. Have you already received an invitation?

No, there is no invitation.

64, since 2014 Thuringian Economics and Science Minister under Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow. Previously, he served as Mayor of Leipzig and from 2005 to 2009 Federal Minister of Transport.

What would he have to offer the SPD, so that the party enters a minority government under his leadership?

A minority government led by Mike Mohring is not an option for me.

AfD boss Björn Höcke has offered Mike Mohring by letter to tolerate a jointly supported minority government or an expert government. How sure are you that Mr Mohring rejects the offer?

I've talked to Mike Mohring about this topic many times before and during the election. He has credibly assured me that for him a kind of cooperation with the AfD is out of the question. Not even if Björn Höcke was not actively involved. I trust in that.

But there are also voices in the CDU that do not rule that out. How sure can you be that the CDU now does not dodge to the right?

We have read that there are voices within the CDU all the way into the state parliament, which consider the discussions with the AfD to be advisable. But I also take note of the voices in the CDU as far as the Jewish community, which vehemently protest against it. I assume that there are no talks and even less of any cooperation between CDU and AfD. That would be a dam failure.

That is, the option of a red-red-green minority government remains the most likely?


Or are there other variants?


Now for the SPD in the Bund. The mid-term review of the government was positive. Do you also see that in Thuringia?

Yes. We can be proud of what has been accomplished in this difficult constellation in recent months. Not least because this will have a concrete effect on people's budgets and everyday lives.

That means at the party congress in December you will vote for a stay in the Groko?

I am in favor of continuing to shape, if possible. But that will be the question of the next days. Keyword Grundrente: Is the grand coalition in a position to start projects beyond the coalition agreement and to lead to a good solution? If that is possible, I am in favor of keeping the SPD in the Groko. If that proves impossible, that's a political reason to end the Groko.

And who do you support as future party leaders?

I will vote for Olaf Scholz and Klara Geywitz.


Because I want us to have a strong representation of the East in the party leadership. And because I trust the couple, and Olaf Scholz in particular, to create a new profile and a new departure with the party.

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