woman takes her uncle’s body to a bank to take out a loan – 2024-04-19 05:00:58

Erika de Souza Vieira Nunes, whose unusual fraud attempt recorded on video by a bank employee has gone viral on social networkswas arrested in flagrante and formally accused of the two charges, reported the Civil Police of the Brazilian city.

The events occurred on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 16, in a banking agency in Bangú, a populous neighborhood in the western area of ​​Rio de Janeiro, where the accused, 42 years old, He arrived carrying the body of a 68-year-old man identified as Paulo Roberto Braga in a wheelchair.

Vieira Nunes, who throughout the entire time had to hold the corpse’s head upright so that it would not collapse, tried to complete the procedures to a loan of 17,000 reais (about US$3,333 dollars) that the man had requested virtually and withdraw the money.

Although the woman alleges that she is the man’s niece and caregiver, and that when she arrived at the bank agency he was alive, the experts stated that, due to the rigidity and other symptoms, Braga had died at least two hours before his arrival at the institution.

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Bank employees were alarmed by what they considered to be the serious health condition of the loan applicant. and emergency services were called, who confirmed death.

In some moments of the video, The supposed niece insists that her uncle sign the documentation so she can complete the procedures and leave and goes so far as to manipulate his hands so that he grabs a pen and tries to sign.

“Dude you have to sign. The gentleman has to sign. I cannot sign for the gentleman. “The man has to hold the pen tightly and sign here.”says the woman while moving the corpse’s hands in front of the bank employees, who insist on warning that the man is having a bad time and is very pale.

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Civil Police Commissioner Fábio Souza, responsible for the investigation, stated that He has already asked the Justice to order the definitive arrest of the accused and is trying to establish if he had any accomplices.

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