Wonder Woman 1984 now has rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes

When in 2017 it hit theaters Wonder Woman – 92%, critics and fans applauded her for her hope-filled message and for she largely shied away from the dark and depressing movies of Zack Snyder as The Man of Steel – 55% and Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice – 27%. More than three years after its premiere, fans were expecting a worthy sequel in Wonder Woman 1984 – 90%, but the disappointment was not long in coming.

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Wonder Woman 1984, before being released on HBO Max, it garnered good reviews and started with a pretty good critical acceptance rate of 88%, and even earned the honor of being listed as Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. After its premiere on the streaming platform, more reviews began to appear and the film began to decline in its acceptance; first he lost his Certified Fresh and finally the tape dropped as much as 59%, which means a rotten rating.

Wonder Woman 1984 tells the story of Diana Prince in the 1980s, when Maxwell Lord, a frustrated and success-obsessed mogul, gains the power to grant wishes. Although several of the ideas raised in the film are quite interesting, they remain superficial as if the film not only recreated the world of decades ago, but also rescued from the past the worst clichés of superhero cinema.

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There were certainly many who enjoyed Wonder Woman 1984 and they will defend her tooth and nail, but ignoring her mistakes will not make them disappear, and just as the rating has dropped drastically, perhaps the appreciation for the superheroine will decrease if we don’t get a third installment that does justice to the mythical character.

The script of Wonder Woman 1984 was in charge of Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns , famous comic book writer who in recent months has been very famous for the scandal of League of Justice – 41% and Ray Fisher. Thanks to the success of the first installment, the filmmaker was able to have complete freedom and decided to omit the creative team that was behind the success of Wonder Womanincluding the director Zack Snyder.

The film has also received criticism for its portrayal of Latinos and Arabs, as well as for the sexual abuse of the man whose body Steve Trevor occupies. But if we put those complaints aside, the script has numerous problems that are easily detectable, an excessive length for such a simple story and a resolution that borders on the ridiculous.

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The director decided to embrace a cartoonish style that was already envisioned in the first Wonder Woman, but in Wonder Woman 1984 went much further, and instead of being inspiring, it raised several awkward questions about what they really wanted to tell us Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns.


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