“Work in the Agricultural Fields of Florida: Legal and Safe Pathway for Mexican Migrants”

2023-05-27 01:28:00

San José Iturbide, Guanajuato.- Hundreds of people from various municipalities in the Northeast Region, as well as from other states, came to the municipality of San Jose Iturbide to know the call for recruitment of applicants to work in the agricultural fields of Florida, United States.

This through a program supported by the Secretary of Foreign Relations and the Consulate of Mexico in Orlando, with the participation of the company Big Force, in charge of recruitment.

Even the senator for Guanajuato, Little Mícherthrough a video segment, mentioned that the validity of the program is accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs itself, in charge of Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard.

“I can assure you that this program is legal and its objective is to normalize safe and legal migration, through free training so that they can work in the United States with dignity, where there is no intermediary with coyotes, which only puts them in risk,” he mentioned in the video.

In addition, he added, that the program must be trusted, because first the recruitment must be carried out and then the training in Jalisco, because the idea is that they can transit legally in the USA.

It is worth mentioning that the venue to publicize the information session and call was the ex-hacienda of La Garrapata, where people from the municipalities attended; San José Iturbide, Xichu, Atarjea, San Luis de la Paz, Tierra Blanca, Doctor Mora, Santa Catarina, San Felipe, Salvatierra, as well as Guadalajara, Jalisco.

For his part, Pedro Rodríguez Trujillo, representative of the Big Force company, mentioned to the applicants that the firm has two decades of experience in training personnel, so from the beginning the owner, Héctor Cruz, made it clear that he will not be charged any weight to any worker.

“Here we do not allow charges, neither for recruiting them nor for processing the H-2A Visa, here the only thing we ask for is people who really want to work,” he said.

He also stressed that the program is not supported by any political party, since the only interest is to offer a labor alternative, since it is also against deception, fraud and abuse against migrant workers.

Therefore, legal and safe temporary work is recruited, trained and offered in the North American countryside, transferring workers from their community to their new job in the American Union.

Once the talks were over, WhatsApp groups were formalized with the objective of continuing with the next steps of the program.

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