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The world blood donor dayheld each year on June 14, has been an annual event recognized by the World Health Assembly since 2005. This day in favor of blood donation is above all an opportunity to thank the many donors who everywhere in France and in the world give punctually, occasionally or regularly their blood, their platelets, their plasma. In France, there are two million donors, two million people who save a million lives each year.

“Blood, plasma: let’s share life, give often!” »

Blood is a precious gift, without any drug alternative for a large number of diseases, but also multiple contexts of hemorrhage. World Blood Donor Day is also an opportunity to strengthen national and global action to ensure universal access to safe blood transfusions. In France, blood donation is anonymous, free and voluntary and the safety of blood donation, like that of the transfusion chain, is ensured by the French Blood Establishment (EFS). Every day, 10,000 blood donations are needed to cover the needs of patients.

“On the occasion of World Blood Donor Day, join 2 million blood donors”

Provided they meet certain conditions (age, state of health, etc.), each donor can give their sangson plasmases pads. But it is not enough to give once, because the needs are constant. Indeed, products from blood donations can only be kept for a limited period of time. Blood platelets only keep for 7 days! If donations are not sufficient and regular, stocks drop and shortages may arise. In France, the EFS manages stocks of blood products and does its utmost to cover the needs of all patients. But the EFS can’t do anything if the donors aren’t there to give.

June 14 is an opportunity to thank all those who offer this gift of life, a little of their blood, to save lives. Throughout the month of June, the EFS will pay tribute to donors by organizing collections in exceptional, prestigious places. For example, in the Paris region, collections will be organized in the salons of the Paris City Hall, at the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine, at the Musée d’Orsay or at the Forum des Halles. And throughout the region, fundraising events will be organized to thank blood donors. To find a collection location, go to the website:

June 14, the occasion of a first blood donation?

It must be remembered that today there is no no substitute for human blood and blood-derived products represent the only treatment option for thousands of patients. Each year, donors reach the age limit for donation, ie 66 years old. Ensuring succession with young donors is essential. This generous and supportive act only takes an hour of his time and collections are even organized in universities, companies, communities, to facilitate the act of donation.

To know ! Blood donations are essential throughout the year, during holidays, during vacations, etc. During the summer, the EFS organizes collections near vacation spots, to allow donors to continue giving and give the opportunity for a first donation for those who have never made the leap!

World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) thanks donors, but also demonstrates the vital importance of blood donations. Without blood products, doctors find themselves without the means to treat those who absolutely need transfusion sanguine, the woman who gives birth and has postpartum hemorrhage, the road accident victim and the patients of different chronic diseases. What if you take advantage of June 14th to go donate your blood?!

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