WWE SmackDown Recap: Quick Results, Videos, and Full Summary – December 1, 2023

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By Nicolas Lafferriere On 12/02/2023

Tonight we will once again enjoy a new live follow-up of Friday Night SmackDown. The weekly program WWE is broadcast from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. In this news you will find the quick results, videos and full summary of the Show.

WWE SmackDown summary December 1, 2023

Bobby Lashley defeated Butch. Santos Escobar defeated Joaquin Wilde. Kevin Owens defeated Grayson Waller. Bianca Belair defeated Kairi Sane in the main match.

WWE SmackDown LIVE Tracking December 1, 2023

Bianca Belair She is the first to make her entrance onto the scene. After a review of the women’s WarGames match, The EST thanks Becky Lynch, Shotzi and Charlotte Flair for accompanying her in the victory in Chicago. Belair assures that the war is not over for her, and her next objective will be to take her title from him. AND THE SKY. Damage CTRL sale a escena sin Bayley. Dakota Kai speaks up, assuring that IYO will not give him another chance until he goes through the entire team first. Shotz y Charlotte Flair make their entrance, resulting in a physical exchange involving Asuka y Kairi Sane. The rude ones flee down the ramp to close the segment.

WWE confirms a heads-up between Bianca Belair and Kairi Sane for tonight. Backstage, the four women of Damage CTRL argue with Bayley for not accompanying her tonight.

Butch vs. Bobby Lashley

After receiving a slap, Lashley is cornered in the corner until he lifts his rival for a Suplex. Butch is thrown hard into the corners while the crowd rallies in his favor. The one from Brawling Brutes takes distance with a kick and launches himself with several Moonsaults that leave his opponent on the ground.
Bobby regains control after the commercial break. Butch escapes an Elevated Suplex with knees, but is caught for a Chokeslam. Lashley throws him towards the barricade at ringside and looks for the Spear, but ends up going through the corners. The British delivers several kicks followed by a Stomp to the back. He stomps on the arm The All Mighty before being cornered for a powerslam. Another kick puts Lashley away, but only to gain momentum and close the fight with a Spear.
Winner: Bobby Lashley on account of three

A backstage, Paul Heyman approaches Nick Aldis to complain about his invitation to Randy Orton. The General Manager assures that tonight he will sign The Viper regardless of whether he must hand him over to The Bloodline to convince him to stay in the blue show. Heyman promises that he will do everything in his power to prevent it.

After a commercial break, Butch He declares backstage that he doesn’t know or care why Ridge Holland abandoned him last week. Pretty Deadly appear to taunt, resulting in a physical exchange that ends with the Brawling Brutes on the ground.

Santos Escobar vs. Joaquin Wilde

Santos receives two Dropkicks and blows to the head. Joaquin launches himself to ringside with a Splash, and applies this attack again when his former partner tries to escape. Escobar trips him off the ropes and traps him in the corner for a Momentum Dropkick. Wilde escapes from a neck lock and carries out the counteroffensive with elbows to the chest. Santos resists a Brainbuster DDT and catches his rival for the Phantom Driver. 1…2…3…
Winner: Santos Escobar on account of three

The attack continues after the bell rings, but Dragon Lee appears to make the save. The masked man provides several grace attacks to ward off Santos Escobar.

A backstage, Adam Pearce encara a Nick Aldis ensuring that he will not allow him the pleasure of signing a RAW legend. The Monday General Manager ensures his presence in the ring to convince Randy Orton to sign with him.

Logan Paul makes his first entry into WWE with the United States Championship. “To every friend who stabbed me in the back, and every person who looks for my failure. Where are they now?” The Maverick assures that Rey Mysterio will not be able to collect his revenge, which is why will hold a tournament to choose its next challenger to the title. Santos Escobar, Dragon Lee, Bobby Lashley, Karrion Kross, Bobby Lashley, Grayson Waller, Austin Theory and a surprise NXT fighter will be part of this competition.

Kevin Owens He comes on stage with microphone in hand. “The first time I saw you was ten years ago on an app called Vine. And it took me only six seconds to know what an idiot you are.” Grayson Waller y Austin Theory They interrupt, with the first stating that he should not pay attention to “a troll like the ones he deals with on the internet.” Theory tries to convince KO of hitting Logan, and takes a blow to his opponent’s face.

Kevin Owens vs. Grayson Waller

Waller leaves the ring, but does not avoid his opponent’s attacks. He meets Owens in the ring with stomps and damages him with elbows and locks behind the neck. Kevin applies an Elevated Suplex and corners his rival with stomps. Grayson escapes the Cannonball and leaves Owens on the announce table. The latter gets up quickly and changes places for a Frog Splash. Theory crushes the hand of KO with the steel step before the commercial break.
Kevin escapes an arm lock and receives a tie-up from ringside, but recovers in time for a knee and a one-arm DDT. Grayson hits a Cannonball and goes for the Moonsault, but it’s not enough. Owens has difficulty closing the fight due to his injury and is forced to touch the ropes. Waller tangles his hand in the corner for a kick, but KO he dodges in time and catches it in the Roll-Up. 1…2…3…
Winner: Kevin Owens by three

We review the return of CM Punk to WWE and his first promo on Monday Night RAW in more than a decade. The Best in the World will be present next week on SmackDown: Tribute to the Troops.

Despite what was mentioned a while ago, IYO SKY forces Bayley to stay backstage before the fight.

Bianca Belair vs. Kairi Sane

Kairi moves with agility and applies a first kick, but is easily knocked down. Bianca dodges a Hurracarana and takes a Dropkick. Damage CTRL grabs her opponent’s hair and allows a distraction for Asuka to attack from ringside. Charlotte and Shotzi try the same, but the referee ejects them. Asuka, IYO and Dakota take the same penalty before the commercial break.
Sane attacks with a crossed leg lock and takes his rival towards the barricade. Bianca escapes from a hold into her arms and applies several Powerslams. Kairi reacts to the Standing Moonsault and applies an elbow to her face that gives her the advantage. She gains height for a punch and escapes from the arms of her rival with a Hurracarana. Sane takes a KOD at ringside and is reviewed by the referee. Bayley attacks Bianca at ringside! Kairi takes her time and is caught for another KOD that gives the victory to The EST.
Winner: Bianca Belair on three counts

They are announced Dragon Lee vs. Santos Escobar y Bobby Lashley contra Karrion Kross, both matches for the WWE United States Championship tournament. Besides, Charlotte Flair will face Asuka next week.

Randy Orton is presented by the General Managers of WWE’s main brands. Nick Aldis and Adam Pearce argue over offering their proposals. Pearce offers a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, while Aldis reassures “the people who injured him a year and a half ago.” Paul Heyman interrupts this negotiation, ensuring that The Bloodline will make the decision by The Viper. ¡Just Sikoa and Jimmy Uso they start an ambush! LA Knight He moves Solo Sikoa away from the ring and leaves Jimmy ready for the Modified DDT. ¡RKO! Randy takes both contracts and makes the decision cautiously: Randy Orton firma con Friday Night SmackDown. “Hey Paul, can you call Roman Reigns and tell him that Papi is back.” Nick Aldis takes an RKO to close the show.

End of stream.

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