Xavi attacks the main reason for Barcelona’s exit from the Champions League

Spain – Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez expressed his extreme anger at the referee of his team’s match against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League quarter-finals.

The Catalan team lost to Paris Saint-Germain, 1-4, in the match between them on Tuesday, in the second leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

Thus, Saint-Germain officially qualified for the semi-finals of the tournament, after winning 6-4 over Barcelona, ​​on aggregate, over two home and away matches.

The match witnessed a huge state of controversy with Ronald Araujo being sent off in the first half, in addition to Xavi also receiving a red card early in the second half for his objection to referee Istvan Kovacs, for not awarding a penalty kick to his team.

Xavi said in the press conference after the match: “We are very disappointed and angry, because I think that Araujo’s expulsion decided the fate of the elimination. We were cohesive well when we were 11 players, but what happened is what decided the fate of the elimination. In my opinion, the expulsion was exaggerated, and after that, the entire match changed.” “.

He continued: “After the expulsion, we hesitated to make a change. There was Pedri, who was returning from an injury, but we decided that Pedri would remain to control and Ravenpa would attack, and we chose Lamine. Unfortunately, no matter how much we talked, the expulsion ended everything.”

He added: “We had several clear chances, such as Gundogan, Lewandowski and Rafinha, but we were always late because playing with ten players is very difficult. It is unfortunate that the season ended due to an arbitration decision. I would have liked to play 11 against 11 all the time. This expulsion was not necessary.” “.

The Barca coach continued his speech: “I told the referee that his performance was very bad, it was disastrous. He ruined the match and changed everything. I do not like to talk about the referees, but we have to say it. We cannot be silent.”

It is noteworthy that Barcelona’s exit from the Champions League largely means that Xavi will end his career with the Catalan giant without any championship, unless he is able to revive his chances of winning the Spanish League in the next El Clásico against Real Madrid next Sunday, as the team occupies second place in La Liga, 8 points behind its rival. Madrid traditional.

Source: “Agencies”

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