Xbox Series X may double frame rate of some existing games to 120fps – Gaming – News

Some games running on backward compatibility on the Xbox Series X will double the original frame rate. These can be 30fps games that will run at 60fps and 60fps games that will reach 120fps.

Microsoft does not yet say which games will receive the frame rate doubling, but in a new blog post about backward compatibility, the console maker says that it concerns ‘a select number of titles’. It could be games that have appeared for the Xbox One and achieve a maximum of 30fps or 60fps on that console. With an update, they could run at 60fps or 120fps on the Series X. It could also be older games for the Xbox 360 or the original Xbox.

Microsoft previously announced that the Xbox Series X can run all games made for the Xbox One. Furthermore, all Xbox 360 and Xbox games that have already been made backward compatible also run. According to Microsoft, 100,000 hours have now been tested with thousands of games on the new console. By the end of this year, it must have reached 200,000 hours of testing and the entire library of backward-compatible games must have been tested.

All games have the full processing power of the CPU and GPU on the new console, Microsoft says. For example, games with a variable resolution will run at their maximum resolution thanks to the new hardware. Microsoft also promises much shorter loading times thanks to the fast SSD in the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft also emphasizes that the new console can add hdr to games that don’t originally support it. The console maker already explained this in March. It works with algorithms and according to Digital Foundry experiences, the HDR experience looks convincing.

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