Xi Jinping signed the “Outline of Non-War Military Actions” Wang Dan warned: Taiwan should attach great importance to it

Chinese President Xi Jinping.Photo: Dazhi Image/Associated Press

[新頭殼newtalk] Chinese President Xi Jinping recently signed a new order to issue the “Outline of Military Non-War Military Actions (Trial)”, which is suspected to be for “special military operations”. Chinese democracy activist Wang Danjin (14) also said that Xi’s move deserves Taiwan’s great attention.

The “Outline of Military Non-War Military Actions (Trial)” signed by Xi Jinping mainly provides a legal basis for the troops to carry out non-war military operations. It is expected to be implemented on June 15.

The full text of the “Outline” has 6 chapters and 59 articles. The full text has not yet been released, but some excerpts show that “adhering to the overall national security concept, safeguarding national sovereignty, security, and development interests, maintaining world peace and regional stability, and innovating the use of military forces, Standardize the organization and implementation of military non-war military operations”.

Non-war military operations usually include military deterrence, international peacekeeping, anti-terrorist activities, anti-smuggling, anti-drug, martial law, riot control and pacification, etc. The outside world believes that this may be Xi Jinping’s desire to control domestic forces by fighting gangsters and riots, or carry out special military operations against foreign countries to safeguard national sovereignty.

Wang Dan also posted on Facebook that Xi Jinping’s move deserves great attention from the Taiwan side. Wang Dan believes that signing this outline will deter domestic opposition and point at Taiwan.

However, Wang Dan also believes that it does not necessarily mean that Xi Jinping has decided to attack Taiwan, because bluffing is a consistent practice of the CCP, and this move is likely to increase the leverage of the US-China contest.

Some netizens also wondered whether non-war military operations would be classified as personal operations ordered by the non-military, like the previous conflict on the Sino-Indian border. Others said that “innovating the use of military power” may mean that the CCP will start to engage in small moves and tricks.

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Wang Dan warned that Xi Jinping's signing of the Outline of Non-War Military Actions requires Taiwan's high attention.Photo: Flip from Wang Dan's FacebookWang Dan warned that Xi Jinping's signing of the Outline of Non-War Military Actions requires Taiwan's high attention.Photo: Flip from Wang Dan's Facebook

Wang Dan warned that Xi Jinping’s signing of the Outline of Non-War Military Actions requires Taiwan’s high attention.Photo: Flip from Wang Dan’s Facebook

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