Xiamen: Rest assured and save your heart and eat the taste of happiness at home

Rest assured and worry-free, enjoy the taste of happiness at your doorstep

There are about 40 community canteens and 415 meal assistance points in the city, solving the problem of eating for the elderly in the surrounding area.

Lujiang Street Convenience Restaurant opened, with more than a dozen home-style dishes to choose from.Photo by reporter Chen Lijie

Hercynian Morning News (Reporter Lin Ailing Intern Huang Jiajia Correspondent Hong YanElderly people living alone have trouble buying food and cooking, and are always worried about three meals a day; parents of dual-earner families are busy with work, and their children have nowhere to eat at noon, so they can only order takeaways…In cities, the problem of “difficulty eating” is becoming more and more prominent. The emergence of nearby convenient, safe and affordable community canteens has made the majority of residents overjoyed. In recent years, community canteens, which are purchased by the government, managed by the community, run by enterprises, and face the society, have gradually entered the vision of Xiamen citizens.

Yesterday morning, another community canteen, Lujiang Street Convenience Restaurant, officially opened at No. 16 Caima Street, Siming District, and 50 elderly people in the jurisdiction went to try it. How do residents feel? The reporter of this newspaper conducted a field visit.

A convenience restaurant has settled in Lujiang, offering more than a dozen meat and vegetarian dishes to choose from

At 10:00 on August 1, the reporter came to No. 16 Caima Street. At this time, a simple but lively opening ceremony was being held. With an excited countdown, the festive red silk fell, and the Lujiang Street Convenience Restaurant was officially opened.

Walking into the convenience restaurant, the smell of rice is fragrant. Stewed beef brisket with radish, pork ribs with black pepper, steamed fish, stir-fried fungus with green beans, fried broccoli… There are more than a dozen nutritious and delicious home-cooked dishes on the dining table.

As the meal time approached, elderly residents came one after another to eat. The restaurant implements a self-service weighing method, taking a plate, and then taking dishes according to their own tastes. The “buffet” style dining experience makes many elderly people feel both novel and convenient.

“Hey, you’re here too!” “Yes, yes!” Chen Qinxiu, an 84-year-old living alone, met a 70-year-old grandma Hong who also lived alone. The two made rice, soup and dishes according to their wishes, and sat together with satisfaction. Taste it carefully.

“It’s not easy to cook when you’re older, and it’s quite lonely to eat alone. Now that there is a convenience restaurant, it feels much more convenient!” Chen Qinxiu said with emotion, and Grandma Hong echoed: “Yes, yes, it is very easy to cook alone. Trouble, eat very monotonous. There are many varieties of dishes here, and it is clean and hygienic, and there are discounts for the elderly, which is great!”

The 71-year-old Hong Qingjian also nodded and said, “Breakfast and dinner are easier to deal with, but preparing lunch is especially troublesome. Now that there is a convenience restaurant to help solve lunch, it really helps us old people do a great thing!”

Seeing that the old man was eating happily, the staff of the Lujiang Street Community Construction Office who provided on-site security services were very pleased. One noon, they had been busy, chatting with the elderly table by table with the operation team of the convenience restaurant, collecting everyone’s feedback, and explaining that the restaurant should implement it.

Discounts for the elderly over 60 years old in the operation of street trusteeship enterprises

As one of the old towns in Xiamen, Lujiang Street currently has 13,803 registered elderly people over 60 years old. The population is aging in a serious situation, and residents have strong voices for community elderly canteens. In this regard, at the end of 2021, at the first meeting of the 18th People’s Congress of Siming District, the Lujiang delegation led the proposal to provide a community canteen for the elderly. In order to make up for the shortcomings of people’s livelihood and respond to the needs of the people, Lujiang Street opened a convenience restaurant in Caima Street after preliminary investigation, discussion and research.

According to Yang Xin, director of the Community Construction Office of Lujiang Street, Lujiang Street provided No. 16 Caima Street as a convenient restaurant, and introduced Gulong Central Kitchen, a subsidiary of Xiamen Gulong Foods, for operation, mainly providing lunch service for the elderly over 60 years old. .

Adhering to the principle of balancing “public welfare and benefits”, convenience restaurants charge less than the market price. 2 yuan per person, unlimited rice and soup, and more than ten kinds of meat and vegetables to choose from. Seniors over 60 years old can enjoy a preferential price of 2.58 yuan per 50 grams with a valid ID card. On the premise of meeting the dining needs of the elderly over 60 years old, other residents within the jurisdiction will be charged at the market price of 2.98 yuan per 50 grams.

The person in charge of the convenience restaurant told reporters that the restaurant introduced intelligent cooking equipment to make meals on site, and updated the dishes every day to ensure that the elderly can eat with peace of mind and satisfaction.

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