Xiamen Tefang Team won the 2023 Badminton Super League Championship

Xiamen Tefang Team won the 2023 Badminton Super League Championship
2023-02-22 13:19:58.0 Source: Xinhuanet
Authors: Ding Wenxian, Xu Shihao

The final of the 2023 China Badminton Club Super League was held in Lingshui, Hainan on the evening of the 21st. The Xiamen Tefang team, which has many national players, defeated the Ruichang Badminton Academy team 3:0 to reach the top.

In the first men’s doubles match, the Xiamen team sent Ou Xuanyi/Liu Yuchen, who are ranked fifth in the world. They played three consecutive rounds at 11:7, 11:3, and 11:8. They quickly defeated Li Junhui and Indonesian veteran Ashan in just 20 minutes. combination”. Liu Yuchen said after the game: “They have been stuck in our rhythm, they want to be fast but they can’t get up. When we give them a chance to attack, they can’t break through our defense, and when we turn around, our offense gives them a big enough threat. . ” Facing his old partner Li Junhui across the net again, Liu Yuchen said that he has not let up at all and has been striving for victory with all his strength.

Then, in a 62-minute fierce men’s singles battle, Weng Hongyang of the Xiamen team won the first two rounds with 11:8 and 11:8. In the third round, Li Shifeng of the Ruichang team pulled back a round with 13:11 after consecutive saves. , but he still lost the fourth game with 9:11. Weng Hongyang believes that he wins because of “more release”. His personal recent international competition results are not satisfactory, and he is also using Yuchao to adjust himself as much as possible, exercise his mentality, and hope to regain his state on the field.

Before the third mixed doubles final, there seemed to be no suspense. The Xiamen team was ranked No. 1 in the world Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong, and on the opposite side was the “transnational combination” Ah Shan/Liu Xuanxuan. But the latter still took a round from the “IELTS” combination, and the “IELTS” combination finally won 3:1 and won the championship for the Xiamen team.

In the post-match replay, Huang Yaqiong said that there was no pressure to play when the team was leading. Zheng Siwei said directly: “The opponent surprised me, because Ah Shan is the world champion of men’s doubles. I think it is very memorable to have such an experience against him in mixed doubles.”

In the third place match of the day, the Shenzhen Yuzhong team defeated the Zhejiang Jingti team 3:1.

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