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Against all expectations, the luxury brand Lamborghini is embarking on the deep end of electric scooters with a model not sold at a gold price, as one might have imagined, but at a price of 500 euros which places it in direct competition with Xiaomi gear.

Lamborghini AL1

The Lamborghini AL1 // Source: Lamborghini

Among the most luxurious brands in the automotive industry, Lamborghini surprises its world by launching a consumer electric scooter sold at a decent price. Or at least at a price that sticks with market standards: 499 euros. At this price, the model AL1, of its name, comes in particular to walk on the flowerbeds of the Xiaomi Pro 2.

And the least we can say is that the Lamborghini AL1 clearly has strengths to showcase, which was notably designed in partnership with MT Distribution. For this price, the two-wheeler comes with a magnesium alloy frame, 8-inch wheels, a 350 W motor and a 280 Wh battery.

Front suspension

Located in the front wheel, the motor propels the scooter to a maximum speed of 25 km / h, as required by law. The accumulator, it offers an autonomy oscillating between 25 and 30 kilometers, we learn on the product sheet. To recharge it, count between 3 and 5 hours. Good news: the scooter is foldable, and therefore easy to transport and store.

Lamborghini AL1Lamborghini AL1

The folded Lamborghini AL1 // Source: Lamborghini

Another interesting advantage: the presence of a small screen indicating the speed, the distance traveled, the remaining range and the error messages linked to technical anomalies. In total, three driving modes are offered to the user: the Eco actually corresponds to a walking mode limited to 6 km / h.

The “D” mode limits the Lamborghini AL1 to 20 km / h, while the “Sport” mode exploits the full potential of the engine to take you up to 25 km / h. Weighing 13 kilos, this frame has a considerable advantage that does not exist on Xiaomi models: the presence of a front suspension which will add a more than welcome touch of comfort.


Lamborghini has, moreover, managed to maintain a decent weight of 13 kilos, when the Xiaomi Pro 2 hits 14.2 kilos. On paper, the AL1 is very interesting. The technical sheet also mentions a dedicated application available on Android and iOS to consult the data of his vehicle. The product can finally support a maximum weight of 100 kilos.

In total, three colors make up the offer: black and blue, available from the end of February, black and white, available from March and solid black (no indication).

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