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Reporter Meng Yumin/Taipei Report

“The Classmates Are Coming” broadcasts “These” things that parents don’t know! It turns out that studying abroad is so absurd?!”, the host Ken once went to Canada to study, and his romantic past made him very memorable: “With a girl We were a little drunk, and it was very cold in winter, so we got close to each other to keep warm. At this time, it suddenly snowed, we looked at each other, and we kissed naturally.” However, An Xin Yayu questioned: “You are so romantic. ?” Ken smiled back, “You don’t know how crazy we were that night!”

▲ “Classmates are here” Ah KEN, Zhang Lidong and others, share stories of studying abroad. (Photo/Provided by Zhongtian Comprehensive Station)

Yang Haoru chose to study in the UK because he was attracted by the British “gentleman culture”, but the reality was not as good as imagined: “There is a saying in the UK that ‘after dark, London will not be like London’, many people sell drugs on the street, the police They all turn a blind eye.” And she also had a horrible experience at a teacher-student meeting: “When I went to the teacher’s house to have a barbecue, when the night fell, he asked me to go to the attic to see his sketches, and it turned out that they were all naked women. Picture, I was frightened and ran away.”

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Xie Xin, who is also studying in the UK, added that the British are actually crazy: “There is a carnival for three days and three nights in the summer. For the first time in my life, because I drank too much alcohol, I woke up in the park in the morning, and I didn’t get caught.” Picking up the corpse’ because everyone around was still on the ground.”

▲ Xie Xin shared the story of being drunk while studying in the UK. (Photo/Provided by Zhongtian Comprehensive Station)

Zhang Lidong chose to give the opportunity to study abroad to his sister due to family factors: “We all want to study abroad after graduation, and we all apply to go to foreign schools, but because I am a single parent, my mother’s financial burden will be too great, and I am very afraid. If I can’t finish reading it, it will cost my mother more money, so I let my sister go.” My sister is also very grateful for his decision because of this, and he will enter the entertainment industry, and my sister is also a pusher: “Because she helped me sign up. The competition “Super Model King’s Road” is also equivalent to her repayment.”

● “ETtoday News Cloud” reminds you: Don’t drive while drinking, don’t drink while driving.

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