Yao Zhuofei is wearing hot pants and sunning her waist, sighing, not clearing up her mood, ready to start school

Yao Zhuofei is wearing hot pants and sunning her waist

Described by her father as “a famous female singer and artist in Hong Kong, the Mainland and even the worldYao Zhuofei (Chantel), took advantage of the summer vacation earlier to travel with her family to New Zealand. After returning to Hong Kong, she revealed that she intends to study in New Zealand in the future.

ChantelCurrently studying at Mission International School (REQUEST), she has always been academically focused, and will22No. officially started schoolGrade 11(Secondary 5), yesterday (18Japan) posted a beautiful photo on social media, in which she saw her wearing a white shirt and denim shorts, with a big slender waist, very youthful, and she did not pack up her mood to go back to school, she wrote: “not ready for school(Not ready to go back to school)”, but many netizens focused on her appearance, and left a message to praise: “Youth invincible”, “Little princess is a beautiful girl”.

Chantel is not ready for school.Chantel is not ready for school.

Chantel is not ready for school.

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