Yasmine Sabry breaks Abu Hashima’s back and takes revenge on him in an unimaginable way… Will she succeed in destroying his financial empire.!

The Egyptian artist, Yasmine Sabry, is preparing to break into the business world through a steel factory that will be established during the coming period in the Sharkia Governorate.

Egyptian media, quoting sources described as close to the actress, Yasmine Sabry, said that she will enter the business field and will work to establish an iron factory soon in the new city of Salhiya in Sharkia Governorate, calling it “Yasmina”.

According to the sources, the cost of the Yasmina factory is estimated at about 850 million pounds, and its production line can accommodate 600 tons per day, and about 10,000 workers from all governorates will be employed.

The decision to enter the Egyptian star, Yasmine Sabry, in the field of business, comes less than a month after announcing her separation from the Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, whose former company, “Egyptian Iron”, is considered one of the leading companies in this field.

Followers say that if the leaks that talk about Yasmine Sabry’s intention to establish an iron factory are true, there is no explanation for the matter except that during her marriage to Abu Hashima she was informed of the profits and gains of his former company, “Egyptian Steel”, and she wants to build her own financial empire from During the great iron gains, similar to the kingdom of Abu Hashima, which was under its control.

While others went in their interpretations by saying that Yasmine Sabry decided to take revenge on Abu Hashima after her separation from him and will work to compete with him in all the fields in which he works.

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