Yasser Al-Shahrani Health Update: The Truth About His Condition

2023-11-30 05:55:00

Is Yasser Al-Shahrani dead? What is the truth about his health condition? The Saudi national team’s left-back player, Al-Shahrani, was injured in the final minutes of the Al-Akhdar match, and this was because he collided with the knee of his fellow goalkeeper in an attempt to protect the national team’s net. Therefore, from here we will ask who Yasser Al-Shahrani is.

Is Yasser Al-Shahrani dead?

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The news of the death of Saudi player Yasser Al-Shahrani, star of Al-Hilal Club and the Saudi national team, spread widely on social media after he suffered an injury in his last match.

But the news of Yasser Al-Shahrani’s death is completely untrue and is just rumors. He is still alive with some wounds on his face. The player went out to receive appropriate treatment for his health condition in Germany by royal order from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

What is the truth about Yasser Al-Shahrani’s health condition?

It should be noted that the condition of the player “Yasser Al-Shahrani” has become stable, and this was announced by the player himself during his appearance in a video on his personal account on the “X” platform, and he spoke a few words about the injury and congratulated the Saudi fans on the victory.

In addition to the need for Al-Hilal and Saudi national team player Yasser Al-Shahrani to undergo jaw surgery urgently, it has an organic side and a cosmetic side. In order to put everything back into perspective.

Who is Yasser Al-Shahrani?

In fact, “Yasser Al-Shahrani” is a Saudi football player in the defense position for the Saudi national team and Al-Hilal Club as well. He was born on May 25, 1992 AD in the city of Dammam, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Yasser Al-Shahrani finished his high school studies from the Al-Aqrabiya neighborhood in Al-Khobar Governorate, and began his football career in 2008 AD with the Saudi Al-Qadisiyah Club, after which he moved to Al-Hilal in 2012 AD and continues with it until now.

Player Yasser Al-Shahrani suffered a very serious injury to his face, resulting in a fracture of the jaw and some facial bones during his participation with the Saudi national team against the Argentine national team, and he was then transferred to the hospital to receive the necessary examinations.

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