“Ye shop” is coming again, Gu Junye incarnate “DJ KOO” to meet on Friday

Big S husband Goo Jun Ye will perform at Ai Nightclub this Friday.Photo / provided by friDay Video

Big S husband Gu Junye returns to Taiwan to fight “Ye shop” again! Ai Nightclub suddenly announced on the official Facebook in the evening that “DJ KOO” Gu Junye will perform this Friday night (July 1), following the last Kpop song and helping Xiao S play songs, what will happen this time? New breakthroughs are also expected.

Goo Junye participated in the Korean variety show “Liu QUIZ ON THE BLOCK” and accepted an exclusive interview with Liu Zaixi. He talked about his love story from the beginning and the end, and expressed his gratitude to Da S through the screen. After 20 years, you still choose to accept him. I really feel very grateful. And promised, “In the future, please also live a fun and healthy life with me. I will protect you, love you, and cherish you by your side. I hope we can live a wonderful and interesting life together. Hee Won, I love you” promise made many viewers very moved.

Goo Joon Yee as “DJ KOO” will fight Ai Nightclub again. Figure / from the official IG of Ai Nightclub

After he returned to Taiwan a few days ago, he attended a private dinner event hosted by Jay Chou with Big S, and he wrote “What a wonderful night!” in a group photo on IG, and on Friday’s performance can we see Xiao S come on stage again , is bound to become the focus of the scene. In addition, DJ KOO also announced that he will go to Central Taiwan next week, and will sing at the iconic nightclub “18TC” in Taichung on July 9 (Sat). Details about the performance of “DJ KOO” can be found on Ai Nightclub’s official Facebook page and Instagram. The full interview with Jun Yee on “Liu QUIZ ON THE BLOCK” is available exclusively on friDay.

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