Yecheon Yangjo sues Yeong-tak for defamation and attempted blackmail

Singer Young Tak. Daily newspaper DB

Yecheon Brewery, a makgeolli maker that has had a dispute with singer Young-tak over ‘Young-tak Makgeolli’, sued Young-tak and others on charges of innocence, fraud, obstruction of business, and defamation.

On the 19th, Yecheon Brewery filed a complaint with the Yeongdeungpo Police Station in Seoul against singer Young-tak himself, his mother Lee, and his agency in the middle of this month. The reason for the complaint was said to be fraud, obstruction of business, defamation by spreading false information, and allegations of false accusation.

On the same day, Yecheon Brewery’s side stated, “The decisive reason for Young Tak’s failure to renew his model was because of Young Tak’s unreasonable demand for 15 billion won over three years and his mother’s savagery. stigmatized it,” he claimed.

He continued, “The company suffered a huge blow not only to sales but also to its image. Most of the 100 or so agencies have disappeared and the remaining agencies are on the verge of closure.” will,” he explained.

Earlier, singer Young-tak sued Yecheon Brewery on charges of defamation, intimidation, and attempted blackmail in October of last year when Yecheon Brewery claimed that negotiations to renew an advertisement model had broken down due to Young-tak’s abuse. On the 3rd of this month, the Gangdong Police Station in Seoul, which investigated the case, decided not to appeal due to insufficient evidence.

However, on the 5th, the prosecution requested the Gangdong Police Station to re-investigate the case.

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