“Yediot Aharonot” publishes the full details of the Hadera operation .. “it took a minute and a half”

A Hebrew newspaper published at dawn today, Monday, the exact details of the Hadera operation, which took place yesterday evening, in which two soldiers were killed and 12 others were wounded, some of them in critical condition.

And the newspaper “Yediot Ahronot”, according to the Palestinian “Safa” agency, reported that the Hadera operation lasted a minute and a half from the moment the gunmen started shooting until the undercover unit managed to target them with bullets.

The newspaper reported that the attackers arrived at the place in their vehicle at 20:40, parked the vehicle close to the place, and then headed towards the bus station with the aim of carrying out the operation in a crowded place to increase the death toll.

Seconds after the passengers got off the bus belonging to the “Kavim” company, the two resistance fighters began firing from a zero distance at a group of soldiers; Two were killed instantly and two others were seriously injured.

The newspaper quoted “Liv”, the driver of the bus that stopped at the moment of the operation, that he heard gunshots; He closed the doors directly and withdrew from the place.

He said: “I wanted to preserve the passengers on the bus, so I loaded two passengers at the station who might have survived the operation, and the passengers on the bus did not understand at first what was going on, but then chaos spread.”

According to CCTV recordings; A group of armed soldiers fled the scene, and fired at the resistance fighters as they fled. It is unclear whether they were hit by the attackers’ fire or not. However, this did not prevent the gunmen from controlling the weapon of one of the dead soldiers (M-16 weapon) and using it in the operation.

The two attackers continued to shoot in all directions, including towards a cyclist who passed by, and it is not clear whether he was wounded, while vehicles on their way to the place stopped and retreated, preventing further injuries.

The newspaper quoted one of the eyewitnesses as saying: “I saw them as they approached a group of people who had seized their weapons. I heard one shot, and then there were firefights within one to two minutes.”

The recordings showed the presence of an Israeli elderly man who happened to pass through the place of the operation, and it was noted that the gunmen ignored him, as they did not shoot at him despite his presence among them even after the first fire strike.

Later, the two gunmen headed to a side opposite a restaurant where a group of undercover soldiers happened to be, where a clash ensued between the two sides that ended with the martyrdom of the attackers.

In response to the process; The occupation police decided to assign the Border Guard forces the responsibility for the Wadi Ara area and the city of Umm al-Fahm, from which the two perpetrators exited.

The forces were reinforced with more military battalions, while the Israeli security is considering resorting to administrative detentions, in order to avoid “simulations” of the Hadera and Beersheba operations.

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