Yeferson Cossio’s accident in Qatar could end with serious consequences: in jail

Regarding the Qatar 2022 World Cup, which welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world, Colombians could not miss it, and it is that not only the country’s press has been present at the biggest football party, but also some well-known personalities .

It is like the famous influencer Yeferson Cossio He is currently in the Arab country, enjoying the sport that steals the attention of the entire world, the bets, opinions, criticism and applause.

However, there was something that notably caught the attention of his followers and caused concern, in a story shared through Instagram in which he wrote: “I just got hit by a car outside the hotel. Although the blow to the head was very strong, I think I’m fine. We start December with everything”.

His post was accompanied by an image of various moving vehicles, but this was blurred; However, he quickly deleted it and did not refer to the matter at any time, nor in his subsequent stories, instead continuing to share memorable images of his stay in Qatar.

Al influencer He has also been seen doing other activities, such as visiting the Sealine Desert and eating at quite fancy restaurants.

In addition, the content creator was a spectator at the match that took place on November 30, at the Stadium 974 from Doha, in the match between the teams of Poland and Argentina, in which the score was 2 – 0 in favor of Albiceleste, where Leonel Messi was covered by a penalty.

Although at the time the Colombian did not say more about the subject, this Thursday, December 1, he shared several stories on his Instagram and told what happened. “I have a mere bump on my head from the car hit yesterday,” what’s more He criticized the way of driving of the people of the Qatari country.

“I have traveled a lot. I know many cultures and I had never been touched by one that drove such a bad car. In all the cars that we have ridden, the man has been about to crash, literally. In Italy they are beasts, but they know how to drive. Here they are brutes and do not know, at least those who have touched us ”, He said beginning his story.

Then he admitted that he was distracted eating a sandwich when the car hit him and that he was to blame for what had happened. “…Then he barely stopped, I fell. I fell headlong because I had the sandwich in one hand and the cell phone in the other, all distracted. I also admit that it was my fault… I was kind of stupid for a few seconds and now, as if assimilating what happened”.

The fact that Cossio was upset with the person who ran over him was because he began to fight him in his respective language, which is why the Colombian wanted to confront him but a hotel employee prevented him.

It should be remembered that this type of violent act or insulting a person on the street is prohibited in Qatar and can have consequences such as imprisonment, million-dollar fines and even deportation from the country.

“I see a son of a *** who, apart from the fact that he crashed me, was arguing me… then, I stop all devilish, I swear that I was going to kill that son of a ***, I was at a point where I didn’t measure consequences… So they helped me, because it was literally in front of the hotel and I calmed down…. I went into the room to vomit about 8 times and I was afraid to sleep because I have heard that you should not sleep when you have such a strong bruise on your skull, ”he closed by saying the influencer.

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