Yehia El Fakharani, Elham Shaheen and Laila Elwi plant a tree for Hisham Selim’s soul

star shared Ilham Shaheen Her audience took pictures of her in Sicily, accompanied by the stars Yahya Al-Fakharani, Laila Alawi and Ahmed Badir, while they planted a tree for the soul of the late star Hisham Selim, and she wrote: “We planted a tree in the name of Hisham Selim, may God have mercy on him Al-Fatiha for the soul of Hisham Selim.”

Elham, Laila Elwi and Yehia El Fakharani

Yehia El Fakharani, Elham and Laila Elwi
Yehia El Fakharani, Elham and Laila Elwi

Elham Shaheen attended the closing ceremony of the Hope Film Festival in Palermo, and wrote: “We arrived in Palermo to hold the closing ceremony of the International Hope Film Festival at a Center for Intellectual Development with people of determination residing in the center. The problems of children and important women’s issues are primarily a humanitarian festival before it is artistic and cultural, saluting all the humanitarian ideas presented by the films participating in the festival.

It is worth noting that a large number of art stars supported the great artist Ilham Shaheen after her recent statements by announcing her donation of her healthy body organs after her death, to relieve the pain of others. Al-Assi: “My love, you are always a forerunner of goodness and love, may God grant you a long life, Lord, I love you, Elie.” Shaheen.

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