Yi Nengjing unpacks Beijing mansion and sees broken furniture

▲ Yi Nengjing unpacks the Beijing mansion. (Picture / Photo taken by Yi Nengjing Weibo)

53-year-old Yi Nengjing remarried in 2015, 10-year-old mainland male star Qin Hao, and the two have a daughter “Xiaomi Di”. Yi Nengjing recently unpacked a luxury house in Beijing on the Internet, and arranged a lot of second-hand furniture from the antique market. When the sofa showed signs of wear and tear, she explained: “Many people ask how the furniture is torn and tattered. Thinking about this cloth, it may not have changed for decades.”


▲ Yinengjing collected a large number of antique lamps. (Photo/Photographed by Yi Nengjing’s Little Red Book)

Yinengjing’s mansion is furnished in a retro style, like a crystal chandelier. She was airlifted back from France and waited for 2 or 3 months. “Its hardware parts are still old. This antique lamp was a candlestick in ancient times, and the thread must be re-wired. She also bought a silverware teapot, and Yi Nengjing said, “In ancient times, many servants helped to clean silverware, but now there are no servants, so it has not been cleaned at all, it can only be oxidized.”


▲The fabric of Yi Nengjing’s antique chair is broken. (Photo/Photographed by Yi Nengjing’s Little Red Book)


▲ Yinengjing dug out a retro screen in the antique market. (Photo/Photographed by Yi Nengjing’s Little Red Book)

In addition, the chairs, shelves, tables, and screens in Yi Nengjing’s house all have a long-term taste, and they are antique when matched. Yi Nengjing has lived in Beijing for more than ten years and sighs: “Every time I come back to my home in Beijing, I have a sense of stability, and it is also me. The home that I have owned the longest is a very intimate and very safe feeling.”


▲ Yi Nengjing’s layout style is very romantic. (Photo/Photographed by Yi Nengjing’s Little Red Book)

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