Yoon Seok-yeol and Lee Jun-seok in ‘Couple T-shirt’… Joint Election Campaign in Busan

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Last night, the people’s power to solve the conflict situation presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol and CEO Lee Jun-seok launched a joint election campaign in Busan.

Candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon, who wore a couple t-shirt with CEO Jun-Seok Lee and shared all the schedules, emphasized, “I will give President Lee all the power to plan the election.”

This is reporter Shin Soo-ah’s report.

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People’s Power Candidate Yoon Seok-yeol and CEO Lee Jun-seok, who resolved the conflict that had led to the extreme, visited the ‘Street of Youth’ in Busan Seomyeon.

The two went out on the street amid cheers from supporters, emphasizing that they became a team by matching couple shirts.

Candidate Yoon, who celebrated his birthday today, took the cake and held the hand of President Lee, saying, “Let’s be strong”, with the 95th day remaining in the presidential election.

[윤석열 / 국민의힘 대선후보]

“Come on, I’ll do it! I’ll do it!”

Candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon, as well as campaigning here in Seomyeon, shared all schedules with CEO Jun-Seok Lee from the morning, emphasizing that there are no more conflicts.

Candidate Yoon also held an election meeting with lawmakers from the Busan District for People’s Strength.

Candidate Yoon presented an election strategy centered on the party association of the constituency, and CEO Lee announced a plan to target the younger generation by intensively placing the 2030 generation on the front line.

Candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon, in particular, gave strength to CEO Lee, who served as the head of the campaign’s public relations division, saying, “I will give you full power to plan the election campaign.”

[윤석열 / 국민의힘 대선 후보]

“If (CEO Lee Jun-seok) tells you to run in this kind of clothes, you run, and if you go anywhere with this kind of clothes, I will go and do it.”

[이준석 / 국민의힘 대표]

“We are planning to project it to the younger generation in a very fresh way. We will work closely with the city to get things done.”

Secretary-General Kwon Seong-dong visited General Election Commissioner Kim Jong-in to discuss the appointment of the election committee, including the joining of former lawmaker Geum Tae-seop and former Blue House chief of staff Im Tae-hee.

This is Shin Soo-ah from MBC News.

Video coverage: Lee Chang-soon, Kim Jae-hyun / Video editing: Kim Jae-hwan

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