Yoshitomo Tsutsugo hits with multi-hits including bases loaded. 429 OPS is 1.343 and is on track to return to major league baseball | Full-Count

Tsutsugo who entered the injured list due to back pain and is adjusting at 3A

Pirates Yoshitomo Tsutsugo infielder left a result with 2 hits and 4 RBIs in 4 at bats including a full-base home run in the match against Nashville under the umbrella of 3A on the 2nd (Japan time 3rd). When he participated in the starting lineup at “3rd and 1st base”, he played 2 games in 2 innings. He has now hit four games in a row with a batting average of .429 in 3A.

Tsutsugo was hitting the long-awaited home run in the sixth game of his return in the previous day’s game. When he participated in the starting lineup on this day as well, he scored three points twice and entered the turn at bat with a chance of a grand slam, and released a grand slam that repelled the first ball and carried it to the right wing stand. She walked the third at bat four times. She also hit Wright in the fourth at bat in the sixth inning, making it a multi-hit.

Tsutsugo, who is on the list of injured due to back pain, is currently adjusting at 3A Indianapolis Indians, and in the same match the day before, he made his first home run in two runs. She hit home runs for two games in a row on this day, with a batting average of .429 and an OPS of 1.343, which seems to be improving her condition toward a major return.

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