You called off your engagement to the leader, Adel Imam, at the last moment.. Why? An unexpected answer from Madiha Hamdi!!

The artist Madiha Hamdi is one of the most prominent stars of art in the beautiful time, and she loved art since her childhood.

She participated in more than 240 artistic works between cinema, theater and drama, among her most famous films are “The Girls Camp”, “Respectable Families” and “Private Teacher”.

In the drama, she presented religious series, including The Judgment in Islam and the Messenger of Humanity, and the series “Omar bin Abdel Aziz”, and she also participated in the series “The Doghry Family” and “Mohamed Fouad” with Muhammad Fouad.

She presented the episodes of “One Thousand and One Nights” with Sherihan, participated in Ramadan Fawazeer with Nelly, and presented many religious radio series.

Speech by the leader, Adel Imam

Although most of the conversations that dealt with the personal life of the leader, Adel Imam, talked about the absence of any emotional ties before his marriage to Mrs. Hala Al-Shalakany, the leader had another woman in his life before his marriage, which is Madiha Hamdi.

Before the leader’s marriage to Mrs. Hala, the mother of his children and his life companion and his successes, he had a previous unsuccessful experience with Madiha Hamdi, where he got engaged to her in the seventies, and the engagement lasted for several months, then the separation occurred to complete their lives apart from the other.

Madiha Hamdi said in previous statements about the reasons for the annulment of her engagement before their marriage: “This matter has been going on for more than 40 years, and all I can say in this regard is that it was an experience and it was not completed.

Neither of us stood in the way of the other, but each of us completed his life completely away from the other, whether personal or professional, and we do not talk about this issue because each of us got married and had a home, children and his own life, but always our statements about our artworks only.

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