You can play Mario Kart 64 in Glorious HD with the fan made texture pack

picture: Nintendo Game Arts Archive / Video

The Nintendo 64 fan scene has been pretty busy lately, with the release of Zelda: Ocarina of Time The PC port finally turns on – and gets a file Get rid of the fun and unusual mods – And more rumored games Made by reverse engineering. However, next on the list is a very smooth and shiny update to the favorite board game.

Mario Kart 64 HD fan group is working hard to create HD texture pack for Mario Kart 64And, over the weekend, the band revealed that they had finished recreating all the characters. You can now race with your favorite driver in stunning HD visuals:

Looks good, doesn’t it? The entire package is almost complete – and as the video on Twitter shows, every item in the game will be updated. This means that even objects like seashells and banana peels will be reshaped with great precision. No stone will be left behind.

The group uses the game’s title screen and promotional art to instruct them what they want the forms, courses, and items to look like. The team has been working on it for several years, with various updates, but the latter appears to be the sharpest yet. Heck, even the menus are changed!

It’s amazing how smooth Mario Kart 64 HD made things happen, and it makes a real difference. But what’s really striking is seeing images and characters from the HD package and the original game side by side. The difference is thunderbolt:

We like everything we’ve seen here, basically. Sounds like what we imagined when we were kids on CRT screens!

While character models are available for download, the rest of the package is still being finalized. And again, it’s another version made possible thanks to the fruits of all that reverse engineering. You can check the available packages on githubOr join Mario Kart 64 HD discord For more information.

Tell us your thoughts on this awesome texture pack in the comments!

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