You saw it? The tremendous kiss that Abel Pintos gave to Lizy Tagliani in Got Talent

2023-09-04 17:37:25

For an unusual game, the last program of Got Talent Argentina, the new Telefe programstarted with a incredible kiss between Abel Pintos and Lizy Tagliani.

It all started when the driver of the cycle approached the jury and challenged him to say the most words with the letter M.

After Abel’s answer, Lizy announced that if she won the duel she should receive a kiss as a reward.

Thus, mischievously, the driver said that he had touched the letter P according to “the notary” and offered endless words with which he won the duel.

This way Abel Pintos had to leave his seat to pay his bet. How could it be otherwise, the audience in the studio went crazy seeing the kiss between the two.

Diego Leuco made his debut as conductor of La Peña de Morfi

Diego Leuco made his debut yesterday co-driving La Peña de Morfi. he accompanied to Jessica Cirio and thus replaced Georgina Barbarossa, who is going through the recovery of a surgical intervention.

during the program Diego Leuco was seen very loose. For a while he abandoned formality of current affairs journalism to give rise to more relaxed formats.

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