You will be deeply saddened when you learn Sabah Fakhri’s last will..and reveal his true religion, and you will not believe what he stipulated when he was buried! !

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Today, Tuesday, Arab and foreign media reported the news of the death of the great Syrian artist Sabah Fakhri, after suffering from pathological complications that made his audience lose an authentic Arab voice that will not be repeated.

As soon as the media published the news of the death of the great Syrian artist, the artist’s audience conveyed what they said about his will before death, which includes a message to his family regarding his funeral rites and the burial of his body.

The will in circulation includes the artist’s insistence on washing him with rose water from his head to the soles of his feet and sprinkling perfume on his shroud before his body is dressed.

The will of the great artist also included asking the artist to bury him in the same cemetery in which his mother was buried, and in Islamic funeral ceremonies.

It is worth noting that what little is known about Sabah Fakhri and his religion is that he belongs to a Muslim family from the Syrian city of Homs, and he was raised in an artistic Islamic atmosphere that refined his talent.

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