You will not imagine how much Reham Hajjaj was paid in the series U Turn… And the biggest surprise is the huge amount that Dina El-Sherbiny received during the journey?!

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Despite the extreme secrecy about the wages of the Ramadan 2022 series on the part of all production companies; However, many of the Egyptian news incidents published a lot of news about wages, according to well-informed sources within the dramas.

The audience specifically asked about the wages of the heroes of the Egyptian series “The Choice 3” because of the size of the budget for this work, which includes 4 heavy-caliber stars, namely Ahmed El-Sakka, Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Ezz, and Yasser Galal, in addition to a group of the most important Egyptian stars who appeared as guests of honor. In a number of episodes.

For the third part of the series “The Choice 3”; Which discusses the role of army and police men in facing the threat of terrorism in Egypt, and stars Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Ezz, and Ahmed El Sakka.

Since the beginning of the dramatic season in Ramadan 2022, the audience has been wondering about the wages of the artists participating in the marathon of series that compete strongly among themselves.

Reham Hajjaj earned 15 million for her role in the series “Yutern”, while Dina El-Sherbiny received 18 million in the series “Al-Meshwar”.

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