Young man who slapped Emmanuel Macron appears before judge

The man named Damien T., who He told investigators that he acted “without thinking” when he slapped the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, has been detained since the incident on Tuesday and in his appearance before a magistrate from Valence (south) should be charged with violence against a person who holds public authority.

This crime in France carries a maximum penalty of three years in jail and a fine of up to 45,000 euros (about $ 55,000)Although the court may take into account your clean criminal record and any show of regret.

“He maintains that he acted instinctively and + without thinking + to express his discontent”a statement from the local prosecutor said on Wednesday.

Described by his friends as shy and personable, Damien T. explained to the agents that he sympathized with the anti-government movement of the “yellow vests” and he declared himself related to the right or the extreme right, although “without belonging to any party.”

The long-haired young man, currently out of work, is passionate about medieval history and martial arts and uttered an ancient monarchical slogan by slapping the president Macron.

His friend Arthur C. was arrested at the same time on Tuesday for having recorded the attack, but you will not be charged for the incident, according to the prosecutor.

Macron downplayed the slap, pointing out that it was an “isolated” incident, and he opted to continue the tour he had started to “take the pulse” of the country after a year of pandemic and a year of the presidential elections.

Leaders from across the French political spectrum unusually unanimously condemned the incident., which many see as a symptom of the tense political climate weeks before regional elections and just ten months before the presidential elections.

Macron, 43, with recent rising popularity ratings, will seek a second term with far-right leader Marine Le Pen as his main rival, polls show.


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