Zaha Hadid, a brilliant woman who built her dreams

Being born a woman in an Arab country was no obstacle because Zaha Hadid (1950-2016) fought as a child for her great passion, architecture, and managed to become one of the most original architects in Europe. and respected for their time.

The life, work and attitude with which Zaha Hadid, a passionate feminist born in Baghdad, faced their challenges today is a worthy example from which boys and girls around the world can learn.

Known as “the queen of the curve” for their designs alien to classical and conventional forms, Hadid became in 2004 the first woman to receive the prestigious Pritzker Prize, considered the Nobel Prize in Architecture. Nationalized British, she was also the first woman to win the gold medal of the Royal Institute of British Architects, and was awarded the title of Lady Commander of the British Empire.

Among his many works he has devised are the Weil am Rein fire station, in Germany, the National Museum of 21st Century Arts in Rome, or the Aquatic Center of the London 2012 Olympics.

With attractive illustrations by Asun Mara and text by María Isabel Sánchez Vegara, this new children’s book by Alba Editorial brings to younger readers the story of “a Muslim girl who lived in Baghdad” and to whom ” he loved to look at the buildings in his city. After studying in Lebanon and Switzerland, she arrived in London ready to make a living as an architect and soon surprised the whole world with the originality of her shapes and designs.

A unique and pioneering woman whose story, rescued by Alba Editorial, teaches our little ones that there are no big obstacles if the will and tenacity are even greater.


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