Zakhar Salenko must find 30 million rubles within 60 days

2023-10-23 20:02:02

The former participant in the TV show told subscribers that he had not appeared on social networks for a long time due to financial problems. Now he has contacted his creditors, or investors, according to Milena Bezborodova, and agreed to repay his debts. Zakhar Salenko must find 30 million rubles within 60 days, the ex-hero of House 2 invited viewers to follow his activities, because he will try to find a job.

Milena Bezborodova is aware of Zakhar’s troubles, because he worked for one of her acquaintances, the organizer of a financial pyramid.

This businessman also did not return several million to Bezborodova, and she filed a police report against him.

Milena told her subscribers that Zakhar can deceive investors who give him millions; this money, according to her, he transfers to the “owner” of the pyramid and receives a percentage.

Milena suffered due to the activities of swindlers and framed Irina Pinchuk for 5 million rubles, which we wrote about at the shloka, and in August-September 2023, bloggers took up the old ways. I wonder where Salenko is going to look for millions lost in dubious transactions?

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