Zenfone 9: compact phone with well-balanced package | Analysis / Review

Top-of-the-line cell phones in compact bodies are very scarce, but just like Samsung, which still invests in this type of product, Asus is also another one that has not abandoned the segment and brought the Zenfone 9 in 2022 with minor refinements compared to the previous model in design updated. Is it worth buying? Let’s find out.

The design has changed and now we have separate cameras and no longer in a single block. Asus has also increased the size of the lenses to give the feeling of a more advanced optical set. The front, however, has a hole in the left corner for selfies, while the edges have been slightly reduced.

Asus did not upgrade the screen and we continue with the 5.9-inch panel with AMOLED technology and 120 Hz rate from before. At least it still has strong gloss and good colors. The sound part delivers quality audio and good power, despite not surpassing some rivals in sound volume.

Here we have the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 platform that equips several models launched at the end of 2022. The model we tested has 16 GB of RAM, but the Zenfone 9 can be found in versions of 6 and 8 GB in the domestic market. It is fast and manages to hold all apps open in the background. It also ran well all the games we tested without overheating.

The battery has grown compared to the predecessor and with that we had a good gain in autonomy, making the Asus top deliver better autonomy than its Samsung rival, but not to the point of being the best in the segment. What could have improved is the recharge time, which still takes more than 1 hour to have a full battery.

The photographic set follows with only two cameras at the rear. The main one has evolved into a more advanced 50 MP sensor, despite having a lower resolution than the 64 MP before. The secondary is the same ultra-wide as the last generation. The quality of the photos is good, but not to the point of competing with the best in the segment. The camcorder stands out for its more advanced stabilization, while the front suffers from excessive noise at night.

The Zenfone 9 has a good set-up and will please those who don’t expect high-end cameras. It is a compact and powerful device that delivers good value for money now in early 2023. For more details, just check out the full review via the link below:

The Zenfone 9 was launched in Brazil in October 2022 by R$ 3.999. Below you will find the best offers:

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