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Reporter Chen Qianxiu / Comprehensive Report

Joyce, the second-generation singer of Hong Kong star, celebrated her 35th birthday on May 30. According to the will of her deceased mother, Shen Dianxia, ​​at the age of 35, she can spend 60 million Hong Kong dollars (about 230 million Taiwan dollars) inheritance, and the inheritance includes property, which is estimated to be estimated. The market value of the estate has exceeded 100 million Hong Kong dollars. And she became popular in the music world with her singing skills. She held a concert at the Hung Hom Stadium on June 10, 11, and 12. The male singer Tang Lingshan knelt down on one knee and gave the ring on the spot, which made her scream in horror: “My dad is here… .”

▲ Zheng Xinyi fulfilled her dream and held a concert in the Red Pavilion for 3 days. (Photo/CFP)

According to “Hong Kong 01” reports, Zheng Xinyi’s concert showed a strong and powerful singing voice, and the singing guests also included popular idol Lu Hanting (Anson Lo) and others. The guests also included the low-key father Zheng Shaoqiu, and “Grasshopper” Cai Yizhi and Cai Yijie. , Hu Feng, Lu Haipeng and other seniors. On the 11th concert, Tang Lingshan was invited as a guest. She saw the man suddenly kneel on one knee on the stage to deliver the “toy diamond ring”, and she was instantly shocked and said, “You are so bold, my father is here, you give it in front of my father. Give me the ring.”

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▲▼Zheng Xinyi's concert at the Red Pavilion.  (Photo/CFP)

▲ Zheng Xinyi’s concert guests found popular idol Lu Hanting. (Photo/CFP)

The scene camera immediately turned to Zheng Shaoqiu in the auditorium under the stage. Zheng Shaoqiu was wearing a mask and showed his thumbs up generously. The audience witnessed Dad’s hilarious reaction. Although the interaction was just a joke, it still became a highlight of the audience. The whole concert even sang 3 encore songs, and everyone was reluctant to leave the venue. She finally sang “People with Stories” to thank the fans for their enthusiasm.

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