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Reporter Huang Weifen/Comprehensive Report

Artist Zhou Tanghao is Billie’s son. He is handsome in appearance and excellent in singing and writing. He has attracted much attention since his debut. In 2016, he captured the music platform charts with the song “Handsome to Break Up”. Recently, he has established a personal studio and also served as a talent show. The instructor of the program “Atom Boyz”, although he is busy with work, still shares his life through social networking sites from time to time. Recently, he listed several points with the popular “about me that may surprise you”, which caused a large number of netizens to discuss.

▲ Zhou Tanghao often posts in private to share his daily life with fans. (Photo / Retrieved from Facebook / Nick Zhou Tanghao)

Zhou Tanghao updated his recent situation on the social networking site on the 17th, listing 33 little-known facts about himself, such as walking out of the house, hardly needing to drive, often walking on the road by himself, can walk very far and for several hours. No problem, in terms of diet, I don’t drink much, I don’t eat much meat, I don’t even like to eat high-end cuisine, and I rarely even touch high-end ingredients. Instead, I like sweets and go to night markets.

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▲ Zhou Tanghao followed the trend “About the point that I may surprise you” and wrote a full 33 secrets that he did not know. (Photo / Retrieved from Facebook / Nick Zhou Tanghao)

Not only that, Zhou Tanghao also revealed that he had been signed by SM Entertainment in South Korea in the past, and he was going to debut as a member of Super Junior. After this was exposed, many fans of the group were quite surprised, and they left messages “ELF (Super Junior fan name) to report, Surprised”, “I was really scared as a boy group fan”, “ELF came so quickly, it’s really amazing”.

▲ Zhou Tanghao revealed that he had been signed to become a member of Super Junior. (Photo / Retrieved from Facebook / 슈퍼주니어 (Super Junior))

In fact, Zhou Tanghao and his mother Billie used to appear in “Kangxi Is Coming”. He was only 21 years old. He shyly revealed that when he was studying in the United States, he went to the celebration with his South Korean friends. After talking for more than a year, when he participated in the audition later, even TVXQ was there to watch, but in the end, his mother stopped him and decided not to let him debut in South Korea.

▲ Zhou Tanghao did not become a member of Super Junior because his mother Billie did not agree. (Photo / Retrieved from Facebook / Nick Zhou Tanghao)

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