Zipmex Trades All Coins On Board 28 Jul 65 Reveals Another MOU

An official statement from Zipmex (Thailand) Co., Ltd. or Zipmex Reveal more situation updates. regarding the incident as follows:

1. Signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with investors On Sunday, July 24, 2022, Zipmex announced the signing of the first Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with investors. new who are interested in investing with the company

Today, the company An additional Memorandum of Cooperation Agreement (MOU) has been signed. to speed up A large amount of funds entered into the Company by an MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) or Memorandum of Understanding means a memorandum of understanding between organizations that both parties must sign to acknowledge the memorandum of understanding.

nowZipmexGet initial investment from potential big investors. and is interested in co-investing with Zipmex by the company will proceed to reach an agreement with this investor closely and hope to be able to accelerate the injecting of money into the company to move forward to fix the problem as soon as possible

Second, to invest in ZMT, a group of investors led by the existing shareholders of Zipmex has decided to invest further in Zipmex Token (ZMT). This demonstrates investor confidence. on the potential of the ZMT coin

meanwhile Zipmex continues to develop products. To meet the needs of users unceasingly, ZMT will continue to implement development plans (Roadmap) to provide new opportunities for ZMT holders to access products. and services in a variety of formats

The implementation of the Zipmex Token (ZMT) coin in the second half of 2022

  • Granting early access to IDOs under Zipmex’s ZLaunchpad product.
  • Using the Zixel by Zipmex platform to receive the most exclusive Airdrop NFT Available for customers to be whitelisted for NFT drop.
  • Listing ZMT Coins on Global Trading Boards

both of these It was a positive result that Zipmex was quick to correct it. During the past one week, the Company will move forward with all its might. to expedite rectification of the situation. to build trust And to increase confidence for customers and investors again, the company promises that the company will come back stronger than ever.

However, every coin buy-sell system on the list on the zipmex thailand forum Will be back to use normally within July 28, 2022. The company will announce updates from time to time.

You can follow the information through all official Zipmex channels. The company would like to thank our customers and those who have always supported Zipmex. Please trust that customers are our number one priority.

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