Zipmex withdraws $7 due to sluggish volumes Accelerate the closing of the deal – propose a plan for debt restructuring

Mr. Eklarp Yimwilai Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Zipmex (Thailand) Co., Ltd. or Zipmex Clarify via Facebook live to 2 cases where victims continue to follow up on solutions and operations.

Recently, the company announced the delisting of $7 digital assets on the platform “Zipmex” on Sept. 27, causing concerns to customers.

These are 1. Kyber Network Crystal v2 (KNC) 2. Swipe (SXP) 3. Basic Attention Token (BAT) 4. Synthetix (SNX) 5. The Graph (GRT) 6. 0x (ZRX) 7. Bancor (BNT) by will cease to provide buy-sell-deposit services on October 11, 2022 at 5 PM. And the last day that customers will be able to withdraw all 7 coins of assets via the website, Zipmex application is the date. January 9, 2023

Mr. Eklarp said that last year the company grew rapidly. This gives us a plan to continuously add more coins on the platform to meet the needs of our customers. but with the market situationcryptoDuring this period the overall trading volume has decreased. This allows the company to assess the potential of resources in the new company. and saw that the operating method should be improved for more efficiency It is the source of the decision to assets

In the future, there are plans to select new digital assets that have potential and can be created. returns for future customers. There will be continuous delisting of coins in the future. and asking customers to trust that the ZIPMEX board will not be closed for sure.

Debt moratorium on the Singapore court

and in the next issue is a moratorium on debt repayment to the Singapore court Mr. Eklarp would like to inform that the fundraising is going in the way that has been laid and going well. After the fundraising has been completed After this, the debt structure plan will be presented and announced to everyone. which is expected to be announced online and enter the creditor’s meeting to approve the debt restructuring The initial approval will be managed through online channels.

After the approval process, the plan preparer will request the court to approve the management. and working with Zipmex to allow the company to resume normal operations.

As for the duration of the operation, it depends on many factors. both the time of the Singapore court to hold a meeting with tens of thousands of creditors which the company and the team will inform later

Currently, the direction of solving the incident that happened 2 months ago has progressed and has a positive direction as you can see.

Mr. Eklarp concluded that “Me, the company and all the staff Still working to solve this problem continuously. and still living in Thailand

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