Zlatan welcomes Mandzukic with open arms!

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What a season for AC Milan! Serie A leader, Ismaël Bennacer’s teammates won again this Monday, on the field of Cagliari (0-2) this time. The Milanese are three points ahead of their first competitor, Inter, and ten over Juventus Turin! And Zlatan Ibrahimovic, author of another goal on Monday, has a lot to do with it. Indeed, the former PSG, has scored 12 goals this season in Serie A! And the arrival of Mario Mandzukic in the coming days does not scare him.


There are two that will scare the opponent

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IbrahimovicCredit Photo – ICON SPORT

When the Sky Sport reporter, after the meeting, asks him about his feelings about Mandzukic’s arrival, he replies: “I’m happy with his arrival. Like that, there are two that scare the opponent ”. And indeed, the Serie A defenses have reason to fear this attacking duo, with a strong character. AC Milan may be on the highway to the Scudetto.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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