“Zorni Sobhia Moti”… An influential will from an Egyptian wife to her husband, days before her death, shook the media

Al-Marsad newspaper: Activists on social media circulated an influential will left by an Egyptian wife to her husband, while she was lying on the sick bed, days before her death.

The wife left a touching message to her husband through the Messenger application on the social networking site “Facebook”, while she was lying in a hospital after suffering from cancer, which killed her.

In the letter, her husband recommended taking care of their two sons, Iyad and Abdul Muhaimin, giving her own phone after her death to the younger son, buying a tablet for the eldest son and performing an operation for him.

And the husband, Mustafa Zaytoun, published, through his account on “Facebook”, a picture of his wife and her last message to him, in which she asked him not to interfere in their lives, as he is responsible before God for them. with her during her illness.

The husband explained, according to “Cairo 24”, that his wife, after performing a hysterectomy, had cancerous tumors on August 4, 2021, and the disease reached the fourth stage, saying: “Two days before her death, I asked to visit her with our children, Iyad, in the second grade of primary school, and Abdel Muhaimin, in class. First Prep.

Adding: that he had already visited his wife with their children, and the disease had worsened, adding: “She told me after a visit that did not last a few minutes, keep your mind from the children, and then she said, “You are the soul of salvation,” stressing that he carried out the will and gave her mobile phone to his son Iyad, He bought a tablet for Abdul Muhaimin, and they also visited her grave and read the Noble Qur’an on the morning of her death

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