◉ Colo-Colo vs. River, for the Copa Libertadores: follow him live, minute by minute

El Millonario and El Cacique, who seek to remain as leaders alone, equal goalless for the third date of Group F.

Colo-Colo and River They face each other for the third date of Group F of the Copa Libertadores de America. The duel, which is played in the David Arellano Monumental Stadiumstarted at 21.00 and is run by Alexis Herrera.

Colo-Colo 0 – 0 River: the match started

The Cacique and the Millionaire are measured for the third date of Group F of the Copa Libertadores.

The history between Colo Colo and River

They played 4 times:

  • river won 2 times
  • Colo Colo won once
  • tied once

Last Background: April 23, 2007, River 1 – Colo Colo 0, for the Copa Libertadores.

The formation of River vs. Colo Colo, for the Copa Libertadores

Franco Armani; Marcelo HerreraPaulo DíazHector MartínezMilton Casco; Enzo PérezEnzo Fernández; Santiago SimonNicholas From the crossEsequiel Barco; Julian Álvarez.

The formation of River vs.  colo colo

The formation of Colo Colo vs. River, for the Copa Libertadores

brayan Cortés; Oscar opaqueMaximilian FalconEmiliano AmorGabriel Suazo; César FuentesEsteban PavezLeonardo Gil; Pablo SolarJuan Martin LuceroGabriel Costa.

The formation of Colo Colo vs.  River

River, with the alternative shirt to face Colo Colo for the Copa Libertadores

The Millionaire will wear his black shirt for tonight’s duel in Chile, corresponding to the third day of Group F.

river t-shirt

Everything ready in Colo Colo’s locker room!

El Cacique, who will wear his traditional shirt, is already preparing to jump in to warm up in a matter of minutes.

Colo Colo's wardrobe

The positive streak that River will seek to achieve against Colo Colo for the Copa Libertadores

In case of defeating the Cacique, Núñez’s team will reap three consecutive victories in the maximum continental tournament (they had already defeated Alianza Lima 1-0 in Peru and 2-0 to Fortaleza in the Monumental) and will repeat the good start they had in the 2017 edition.

Five seasons ago, also with the Muñeco as DT and in Group F, River began its cupbearer path with three joys in a row: they beat Independiente Medellín 3-1 in Colombia under a deluge, they won 4-2 against Melgar at home and was dispatched with a great 2-1 victory against Emelec in Guayaquil.

Marcelo Gallardo

The David Arellano Monumental Stadium waits for Colo Colo vs. River

This is what the stage that will host the duel for Copa Libertadores looks like tonight.

David Arellano Monumental Stadium

River, heading to the stadium

The squad has already embarked on a trip to the Monumental David Arellano, where from 9:00 p.m. they will face the Millionaire for the third date of Group F.

River, heading to the stadium


River, heading to the stadium

So up Colo Colo to the duel with River for the Copa Libertadores

The Cacique arrives emboldened to face River de Gallardo: solo leader in the Chilean championship -he had 21 points out of 33 at stake-, has six wins, three draws and two losses in the tournament and in the Libertadores he has a perfect score (he they beat Fortaleza and Alianza Lima), although they are second by goal difference.

Colo Colo

How River arrives at the match with Colo Colo for the Copa Libertadores

Núñez’s team comes from a bitter draw against the Dean at El Monumental. Regarding the continental competition, where they are first with six units in Group F, in their last appearance they beat Fortaleza 2-0 in the Monumental.

River final atletico tucumán

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