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[단독] Two men assaulted a woman… Is a woman also a suspect?

by archyde

◀ anchor ▶

In an officetel in Incheon, two men in their 20s indiscriminately assaulted a woman in her 30s who lived next door.

In this assault, the woman suffered 6 weeks of damage, and the police also booked the woman as an assault suspect.

It was because of the fact that he had a physical fight against a man, so let’s see the CCTV video we secured to see if the police’s judgment was right.

Reporter Lee Yoo-kyung was the sole reporter.

◀ Report ▶

On the 1st, an officetel in Jung-gu, Incheon.

A woman sorts out packages piled up in the hallway in front of her house.

Then the door of a house opens and closes immediately.

After a while, the door opens and closes again, and two minutes later, two men come out one after another, staring at the woman before entering.

A minute later, the two men came out and said something to the woman, and the woman heard this and threw the parcel on the floor, and a man started hitting the woman with his fists.

The other man, far from stopping the fight, covers the scene with his arms outstretched as if to block the CCTV.

Meanwhile, the assault intensifies, pushing the woman against a wall, knocking her to the floor, and waving her fists several times.

The woman loses her energy as other men join in the assault and ends up lying on the floor.

The woman, who was taken to the paramedics, suffered injuries to her head, neck and spine and was diagnosed with a dislocation for 6 weeks.

[피해 여성 아버지]

“Spine, neck, head, teeth, etc. There’s just nothing that doesn’t hurt. He’s exhausted physically and mentally… He says he can’t remember.”

However, the men who assaulted the woman reported to the police immediately after the incident, saying that they were the victims.

[경찰 관계자]

“Drunk customers hang out according to the report. A friend is fighting with the hangers.”

The distance between the women’s and men’s houses is about 10 m.

After the incident, the terrified woman has been unable to enter the house for about a month.

On the other hand, the perpetrator is still staying in the officetel where the assault occurred.

I went to the man and asked the reason for the assault.

[가해 남성]

“I didn’t know you were a woman. I have nothing to say.”

The police arrested the two men without detention on charges of injury, but a woman was also charged with assault.

In the process of being assaulted, women also beat men.

[피해 여성 아버지]

“This is murder. How can you hit a woman against a wall. Die.”

The police said that after investigating the victim, they will analyze the CCTV contents and review whether the woman is in self-defense.

This is Lee Yoo-kyung from MBC News.

Video coverage: Na Kyung-woon, Kim Jae-hyun Video editing: Kim Ha-eun

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