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Hirola or
Hunter’s Damalisque Classification Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Class Mammalia Infraclass Eutheria Cohort Laurasiatheria Order Cetartiodactyla Suborder Ruminantia Family Bovidae Subfamily Alcelaphinae Tribe Alcelaphini Genus Beatragus
Vrba, 1997 Binomial name (In taxonomy (botany, zoology, etc.), the binomial name, or binomial, comes from…) Beatragus hunteri
Sclater, 1889 Synonyms Damaliscus hunteri IUCN conservation status:

CR A1a :
Critically endangered

The hirola (Beatragus hunteri or Damaliscus hunteri) or Hunter’s damalisk is a bovid close to antelopes belonging to the Alcelaphini tribe. This animal (An animal (from the Latin animus, spirit, or vital principle) is, according to the classical classification, a…) in danger of extinction remains in arid grassy plains located on the border separating two territories, in particular two…) of Kenya and Somalia.

The hirola is known as the “four-eyed antelope” because of its clearly visible preorbital glands. The animal measures 100 to 125 cm at the withers and weighs 80 to 118 kg. Its color is (Color is the subjective perception that the eye has of one or more wave frequencies…) ocher (Ochre, from the ancient Greek ὤχρα / ốkhra, is a ferric rock… ), grayer in males than in females, with a lighter belly and a small white stripe between the eyes. The horns are lyre-shaped and decorated with very visible annular ridges.

It is a diurnal animal that spends evenings and mornings grazing. The herds bring together two to forty females led by a territorial male, but we also find groups of a few males without female (In biology, female (from the Latin “femella”, small woman, young woman) is the…). The herds move little because the males are very attached to their territories. The males can kneel during fights severe, but otherwise they confront each other standing.

It starts with conservation

The hirola is critically endangered. There are between 500 and 1200 wild individuals and only one female in captivity. Surveys in the 1970s gave around 14,000 animals while in the 1980s there were only 7,000. This rapid decline is attributed to competition from livestock as well as the drought from which the region is suffering.

At the end of 2005, 4 territorial communities of the Ijara district established with the Italian association (Italian is the name commonly used for the rope used to operate a reel….) Terra (Terra (plural terrae) is a word Latin origin which designates the Earth, the soil. It is used…) Nuova a proposal for a hirola conversation program on site (Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy).

The International Union for Conservation of Nature classified the hirola as one of the 10 priority species in 2007.

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